A Tragic Waste of Sound


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released August 18, 2017

Mixed/Mastered/Recorded by Justin Felix of Compact Audio in Dartmouth, NS



all rights reserved


OVAV Halifax, Nova Scotia

Post Hardcore from Halifax, NS.

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Track Name: A Reflection
I never told you about the day
When I had run away because of every single way
The stress I caused had made you pause
And now I'm left in regret for my ways
And all the times when you felt lost
It was months but it felt like days

And now I'm writing pen to paper but my mind is in a haze
Thinking of your very best and how I regret my ways

I'm sorry for the times that we spent together in places you've grown to call heaven

I am always confused and broken and bruised, it astounds me to this day what your promises can do

Always confused, broken and bruised
It astounds me to this day what your promises have done
Track Name: Painted
When was the last time you were honest with yourself?
For that matter, when was the last time you sat back with black ink and painted the scars on your body solely for the perspective of others?
I've been sinking for 20 years and I still can't seem to gather my thoughts.
I can't seem to keep an opinion based on other's beliefs pleasing what's left of those around me.
I can't seem to see what's right in front of me as the view has been blocked by my own self indulgence and urge to carry relief on my back like I'm supposed to be some sort of best friend nap sack.
The sun's been out for almost a week now but I still haven't gone outside, I've been too busy counting crows on a wire as they cackled and mocked the lack of freedom that they see each and every day.
And now I'm left wondering if there was ever I time when I wasn't honest with myself.
When was the last time?
They sleep with a gun under their pillow
They purchase mail orders widows to easer their pain
You'll never see this coming again and again.
It's taking me over again.
I'm leaving this place I'm bound to find an end to all this famine and greed.
Maybe then we'd see...

Maybe then we'd see...
That we can breath a new hope into society.
That it is possible to see the new world inside of me.
If we could only see.